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11:20 a.m. - 2007-02-19
Oh Happy Day
I'm ready to spring to officially begin. I love when you can just tell it's started. This morning I noticed the sun earlier, but it's so freaking cold outside. It was 27 degrees when I left the house, with a high of 52. Later on this week, it will be above 70. Goodness! I hope that I don't get sick because of this.

I bought the baby a shitload of clothes yesterday. I hit up the outlet malls with a friend of mine. I spent entirely too much money but oh well. I bought myself a couple of pairs of shoes, so it really was a good day. lol :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. I did, I bought food for all of us and candy. Someone sent me flowers, I believe it was a coworker, but I'm not sure. We had steak and shrimp for dinner, it was GREAT! lol

This past week I've talked to a lot of people that I haven't talked to in months. I feel happy. I'd been feeling sort of nostalgic because I don't really talk to anyone anymore. I'm always so busy with classes, work, and family. I'm trying to make more time for myself, which includes my friends, because they make me happy :-D



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